Our Cachaças


Copper Bidistilling process

This premium brand is stored in amendoim (Brazilian noble species of timber) casks, which enhance its exquisite scent and do not interfere with the clear, brilliant aspect of the spirits. It is subtle, mild-flavored and of a balanced acidity. It is very easy to harmonize with, especially when consumed cold and it is the key ingredient of caipirinha (Brasil’s famed cocktail wich is made from cachaça, fresh lime muddled with fine sugar and served on the rocks).


It is a fine and intense premium brand, aged in oak barrels, whence its golden color, smoother and rounder taste. Bearing roasted-caramel notes and a fleeting touch of vanilla, it pleases even the most demanding tastes, especially when it is served cold.

Both brands are distilled in a copper pot still (alambique) and produced in small scale, which guarantees its pureness and enhances quality control. All the fermentation process is natural, based on homegrown corn. The storage in premium wooden barrels is paramount to bring out the sensory characteristics of the cachaça.

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